Find out how Quaive can change the way you work together with your team.


The main entry point to consume news is the news magazine, which is accessible via the sidewide toplevel navigation.

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Content accessible to all users. This is your modern shared drive Z.

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Workspaces are like rooms where a group of people work together. It is a protected space where you can share files, events and tasks.

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Apps provide you with additional functionality.

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News app

Post your achievements for all to see.

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Polls app

Poll other users’ opinions on any topic.

Calendar app

Stay on top of all events in your organisation.

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Jobs app

Advertise or find and apply for jobs within your organisation.

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Todo app

Stay on top of all your todos. And what you have assigned to others.

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Contacts app

Your organisation's phone book - and more than that. Browse your colleagues and discover co-workers.

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Classifieds app

Put up quick ads and get in contact with others

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Bookmarks app

Manage all the items you have bookmarked. Reflects your current state of work.

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Messages app

Ping a colleague or get quick feedback without starting yet another email thread.

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