Contacts app

Your organisation's phone book - and more than that. Browse your colleagues and discover co-workers.

Contacts is more than a phone book. Of course it will also quickly tell your colleagues phone number and email. But it can do more than that.

Contacts give you whole profiles of your co-workers containing all information they want to share. That way you can see what their specialties are. Have you ever learned only at the coffee machine that colleage X is a specialist for Y? From now on you will need no more coffee machine for that.

If you look up a colleague and read the profile, you can see specialties, but also documents that this person created and workspaces this person is a member of. Of course only if you are allowed to see that same content - security is always respected.

Now imagine that colleage from HR is on holidays but you need that important piece of information. You can easily see in the profile in which groups your colleague is and find others in the same group. Contacting them to ask your question is now only a click away.

Contacts helps your staff to solve communication issues quicker by providing the necessary structural information in an easily accessible way.