Classifieds app

Put up quick ads and get in contact with others

In the classifieds app you can quickly post an ad. Put something up for sale, ask for an item or just announce a brown bag session. It will appear prominently on the dashboard and is only available in the secure environment of your organisation.

But Classifieds fulfil another important part in the intranet which is not immediately obvious.

At first glance, people can offer things they have in surplus or request things they need. This happens in the secure space of the organisation so you don’t have the usual hassle with public platforms where people barter all the time or never show up. In contrary, you will get in contact with colleagues in your organisation you have never met before. And you will inevitably start to chat about each others work. This shapes a new layer of communication that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

The fact that you can share and reuse stuff is a nice side effect.