The main entry point to consume news is the news magazine, which is accessible via the sidewide toplevel navigation.

News is a central place for staff to find out what is going on in the organisation. This is the perfect place for internal public relations. And your employees are ecstatic about that type of information.

When asked about what employees want from a new intranet, the following answer always makes it into the top 3 of all answers: “I want to know what is going on in my organisation”, The reason is that employees want to be productive and want to help, but they often lack the information that helps them decide the optimal course.

News is a way to show what other departments are working on, which important milestones have been reached and in general to share success stories.

Even better, you don’t have to do that from the central communications department anymore, you can delegate news creation to the departments. It has never been so easy to collect information where it originates and to motivate staff to contribute.

Your communication officer still retains the possibility to configure the magazine frontpage, promote some sections and to cross check content, of course.