Workspaces are like rooms where a group of people work together. It is a protected space where you can share files, events and tasks.

Two are company, three are a workspace.

Even though you can of course create a workspace for you alone, or for two people. The strenght of a workspace lies in its support for collaboration. Just add your colleagues and you immediately have a safe space to share and produce content.

We put a lot of emphasis on making transparent, who is a member and what members can do. That way, you can upload all your work in progress without the fear that people will build on partial information.

And once you are done with a paper, just publish it to the library with a click!

You can also place events for your team into the workspace and create todos which you and your colleagues plan to work on. Post updates into the workspace stream. Everything stays in context. And if you want to discuss something, just enter a video conference from the workspace and you all end up in the same video conferencing room - no additional sign in or app needed.

This main functionality is rounded off with many convenience features like “mail to workspace”, archival, division support, email notifications, tagging, relations and more.