Quaive is used throughout a wide spectrum of markets. Here's a taster of some Quaive installations currently in use.

Quaive Cloud comes with a pleasant, neutral styling which you can tune to your liking during setup by selecting the main colours and the name of the intranet. Some of the examples below feature a fully customised corporate style, created by one of our designers. Contact us to learn about the options.


The Quaive based online collaboration platform ‘ZE&GG HUB’ allows Dutch healthcare institutions and other organisations to meet, inspire and learn from each other.


The transition into the digital workplace is a challenge also for the social care sector. Vediso is here to help.

Danish Library Centre

The staff keeps in touch with each other using Quaive - and of course also with regulations.


Mediashop has a buzzing internal community and plans and produces new products using Quaive.

Bundeswehr University

Staff, soliders and students of the Bundeswehr University Munich join up.

Synodal Council Zurich

See how the catholics of Zurich communicate and share and decide together.

Star Alliance

28 carriers discuss, plan and vote on their next steps as the world's largest airline alliance.


IMIO turns communes in Wallonia into digital workplaces. The social intranet part of this is Quaive.