Quaive 4.0

A new era on notifications starts for Quaive.


A brand new way of getting notifications is now offered by Quaive. You can for instance get notifications on new posts in activity stream or get immediately informed about a new news article published to your Quaive intranet. Notification e-mails are nicely displayed and offer additional information on what happened while you were away. You can fine tune exactly which notifications you want to receive in the Preferences app, just like on your mobile phone.

Enjoy the new way of getting informed about your intranet activities!

E-mail digest

To avoid e-mails polluting your inbox, you can also opt to receive all updates bundled in a daily or weekly digest. This way you can stay abreast with what’s happening on your Quaive intranet, even without logging in regularly.

Quick navigation

There are now two navigation icons in the site’s header part that allow you to quickly check something on the dashboard or open another app without any extra steps in between.

News article publication

News editors get more control over the publication of their news items, a time attribute for publication date and expiration date was added. So they can set the exact time when news article should become available on the news pages for all users.


  • Sharing documents by e-mail from a workspace now also accepts e-mail addresses as recipients — not only users or groups.
  • E-mails sent by Quaive are now always sent from the same e-mail address which reduces the chance that mails will end up in your spam folder. The e-mail address from which mails are sent can be configured by your system administrator.
  • Various translations were updated for French and Dutch.
  • Various bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.