Quaive 3.6

Quaive now offers a brand new digest functionality and various other improvements.

Digest for Notifications

Quaive has now a new functionality to get informed: the digest.

You can setup your personal digest notification email to include all notifications you are interested in — either once a day or once a week.

Just set the period for your digest on your personal preferences page and tick the checkbox for the notifications you want to have included. So you will never miss a notification.

Chat notifications

Waiting for a user to answer your chat message? You can now also get email notifications for incoming chat messages.

Event view update

Hero images for events are now shown prominently at the top, along with the title, on the event view. Formerly they were only displayed for events that were published in the news magazine.

The actions “delete” and the “add/remove image” for an event have moved to the more menu.


  • Excel sheet rendering has improved to fit single Excel sheets in one page.
  • The quality and rendering speed of previews has improved.
  • Various bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.