Quaive 3.4

Messaging App

  • The messages app highlights the current conversation in the sidebar with a green color.
  • On both desktop and mobile, the name of the person you are talking to is always at the top.

Multilingual interface

Quaive now offers to let the users choose their preferred language for the user interface. Users can now either select a language in their personal settings or use the default browser language. The user interface will then be displayed in the chosen language as far as this language is supported by Quaive.


  • Many Apps have each been given their own color for better recognisability. This has been implemented in the portlets on the dashboard, the tab of the open app and of course the apps launcher itself.
  • Various apps have been given color accents to distinguish them even better from each other.
  • Renders of Excel page are improved to have large tables never be spread out over several pages.
  • Appearance of deactivated users in groups has been refactored to distinguish them better from active users.
  • Time notation for calendar is now 24h format for all lanugages.
  • Various bug fixes, cosmetic improvements and translations added.