Quaive 3.2

Version 3.2 includes a new feature - the toolkit image


New feature - the toolkit image

You can now add a new navigational element to the home screen of your workspace - the toolkit image.

This offers a quick way to guide your users to specific locations within your workspace.

In the settings of your workspace, you can upload a SVG with defined hotspots to use as an image map with links to subfolders.

You can then define folders these hotspots should link to.

Lead images for folders

Folders can now get lead images to illustrate and explain their content to users.

The edit folder function can now be accessed via the folder’s three-dot-menu.

Workspace titles

Workspace titles are shown in many different contexts. They need to be as short as possible, so that they can be recognised quickly. A more detailed explanation about what to find in a certain workspace can be placed into the description.

Therefore, the titles are now limited to 100 characters.


The information field of an event got enhanced by offering a rich text editor to format your information data properly.

The description field of an event is now limited in lenght and has been moved to the event’s metadata section.


Email notifications sent out for a task now include a hint about where the task is located - in a workspace or in the personal tasks list.

Dashboard - Activity Stream

On the activity stream portlet, posts with many comments are compacted to show only the latest 3 elements.

There is a link on top of the comment list to show more elements.

Another new feature is the possibility to reply to a comment directly. This automatically mentions the author and thus triggers a notification.


  • Various minor bug fixes. Several usability improvements and fixes.
  • Various cosmetic improvements.
  • Several translation fixes.