Quaive 3

Version 3.0 brings a lot of new features to Quaive Cloud. Find out yourself!

News Publisher - delegate your work

A new setting on a news publisher section now allows to assign contributors. Contributors are allowed to add news articles to that section and request them to get published. News section maintainers then can review and publish them. So you may let your users take part in your information process.

Help App - new Texts

The help texts (in English) are extensive. You can find them in the Help app.

In the main apps there is a link to the related help texts in the sidebar of that app.

It is now possible to easily navigate from apps and workspaces to the home screen and return to the app or workspace with just 1 click. The page where you were in the app or workspace remains active.

This new functionality allows you to quickly look up something in the library, news app or on the dashboard while you are working on a document in a workspace.

Workspaces - mobile improvements

The mobile display of the workspace tabs (at the bottom of the screen on smartphone) has been improved.

In addition, numerous minor cosmetic and functional changes have been made.