Quaive 2.1

Version 2.1 comes with many usability improvements, a fresher interface and many convenience features.


Quaive will now send you an email if one of your posts or documents is commented on. Also, when you are mentioned in a comment or take part in other users’ discussions, an email gets sent out to you to let you keep in touch.

Your users do not want to be informed about that? No problem - just turn off the feature for your portal.

Mobile use

Quaive can now be used as a web app on the mobile phone by placing it as a web application on your phone’s home screen. At the moment, the activity stream, workspaces and the contacts app are included. For Android and Apple iOS. Always within reach!

Navigation inside calendars and between events on mobile devices has improved significantly.


The dashboard loads much faster and smoother than before.


  • Searching on the workspaces overview also finds workspaces tagged with the given search string
  • Comments: documents and news articles with many comments now allow you to directly jump to the latest comment. This helps you keep up to date on ongoing discussions on articles more easily.
  • Events: when you enter a location to an event during editing, the map is updated directly to show you the given location as a preview
  • In the activity stream, posted audio files are now directly accessible via a player.
  • The workspaces overview and the workspaces themselves now have colours associated with the tags they have. This can help you find a workspace faster.

Improved editor toolbar

The editor toolbar for documents, files and other workspace content has been redesigned. The toolbar now overlays the content, and the buttons and menus have been cleaned up.

The “Onlyoffice” action on files is now offered more prominently as an edit button to make sure that users find the Quaive way for editing file objects in place more easily.


  • Calendars in the Calendar app have the colours of the workspaces they belong to so that events are easier to recognize.

  • Clicking on an event in the events-portlet on the dashboard will immediately take you to the correct event in the calendar app instead of on a separate page. This makes it easier to see whether there are more interesting things in this week or month.
  • If you click on an event in the calendar app, its details will appear in a large screen so that everything is easy to read.
  • With the new button “Full calendar” (back) you can go to a total overview of all events.
  • Google Calendar users get the description of an event and a link to the event in Quaive in their synchronized calendar on, for example, an Android device. Previously, this option only existed for Microsoft Outlook and Apple Calendar users.
  • Various cosmetic improvements.
  • Various minor bug fixes.


  • The document tiles on overview pages of the library show more detail of the underlying page.
  • The overview pages of the library have been given a more compact navigation. That makes navigation easier.
  • The content pages of the library have a new layout with more peace and space for the content than before.

Editing documents in Library

  • Originals of documents in Library can be edited directly in their workspace by clicking ‘Edit’ from within Library. (Provided you have edit permissions on the document)
  • Documents can now be published to deeper nested folders in Library.
  • Documents already published in the Library of which the original has been changed in the workspace can be updated at the touch of a button.
  • Documents that have been placed in the library can also be withdrawn with a ‘retract’ button. For example because it is a duplicate or to repost it with updated content or tags.


  • News pages have a cleaner look, similar to the improvement of the library content pages.
  • The number of characters allowed in the summary of news items is limited so that the content of an entire article cannot be accidentally included in the summary.


  • When you share the link to Quaive via a messenger there will be a preview with your Quaive installation’s logo.
  • Several important security updates.
  • Important buttons are more clearly recognizable.
  • Many textual fixes to improve user experience
  • PDF preview generation was made more stable and reliable
  • Internationalisation: many new Danish, Dutch and French translations
  • Various cosmetic improvements.
  • Various minor bug fixes.