Quaive 2

Version 2.0 is out!

Make your workspace life simple!

The security settings within a workspace have been simplified a lot to make your workspace admin life more easy.

There is now an intuitive way to restrict workspaces, set member permissions and even have open spaces for all users to meet and work.

The new self explaining interface allows you to intuitively manage security settings, user access and member guidelines for your workspace.

Free for all - open spaces

New in Quaive: Open workspaces! They allow your users to enter a workspace freely without being invited as a member.

All users of your platform can work on these spaces to fill your intranet with interesting content and share their work amongst all users.

Let me in - request access

Another new feature is the possibility to let your users request access to your workspace. You can define it users should be allowed to see a workspace they cannot access right now and when clicking on it may request access directly to the workspace admin.

An email informs the admin of the request and allows him to react quickly to let the new member in.

Todos - a glance on your tasks

Working with todos to structure your work got more easy with this release! You can find several new possibilities to display, filter or sort your todos now. Within a workspace and the todo app you can now identify what tasks you should do or assign to others more easily than before.

Besides the interface extension it is now possible to add attachments to todos to enrich your task descripton by additional documents.

Improved preview generation

Previews for documents and images are now generated more quickly and the generation process got more stable.

PDF previews in library and workspaces now offer the full document instead the first page to present as much information as possible to your users at once.