Quaive 1.3

Version 1.3 is out!

A brand new App - Todos

Todos is a new app that shows all tasks that concern me in a structured and condensed way.

Besides that the concept of “personal tasks” is now introduced. They are not located in any workspace, but directly in a user profile.

Collaborative Editing

You can now edit all your office files directly through the web - and together with your colleagues. No need to send word files around by email anymore, no need to track changes and accept them. Everybody can work on the same document at the same time.

Milestones in cases

To enrich your workflow with even more structure, cases can now be extended with a setting to enable milestone support.

This will show due dates in the metro-map and overdue tasks.

The trash bin

As a great step forward in usability the trashing functionality has been introduced to Quaive. Deleting a document now does not result in instant deletion but moving the item to a workspace wide trash bin.

Searching the library

A new search field for the library content was introduced in this release.

This allows users to narrow their search if they are sure, the content must be found in the library.

Many improvements on usability

To let the user know what happens if a document is locked by another person, Quaive now shows up an informational snippet to let the user contact the current editor directly to work together.

Sorting in the administrator app has been changed to a more user friendly method.

Speeding up by intelligent caching and more effective search queries make the whole system more agile and grant an improved user experience.