News publisher app

Post your achievements for all to see.

Everybody who has access to the news publisher app can post news. This is great to decentralise internal marketing a bit. You can let your departments share exciting things right out of their context. No need to excessively draft a news text, pass it to the central communications department and wait for publication. This is a good area where you can streamline processes and improve speed of communication.

Why is that a good thing? First, your intranet becomes much more lively. People post news and others see them right away. People feel informed not only 2 weeks after the event. But also departments get feedback and gain the ability to share success by themselves. This can increase prestige and works similarly to staff awards on a departmental level.

And last but not least the collection of news items outlines the progress and success the company is having and persists that in a central place. It just feels good to see all the things that are going on.